Importance of Website Maintenance

The Importance of Website Maintenance

We came upon many customers who are wondering why they should be paying annually for the website maintenance. For our customers especially the new ones, yes, there will be an annual fee for the website maintenance charged by us. This small amount of fee is essential for keeping our customers' websites safe and functioning well.

As most of the time, we develop our customers' websites using Content Management System (CMS), there will be regular updates released by their development team. Thus, these updates are important to keep everyone's website safe. We all know 'hackers' are everywhere as websites are accessible through the whole world. With regular maintenance of the website, we are doing the best to keep it as secure as possible.

Here are few of the reasons why we definitely hope our customers can understand when they pay the small amount of maintenance fees.

1. Content Management System (CMS) Update

CMS is a system of software created mostly with Open Source, meaning it involves various group of people voluntarily developing it. It is similar to a mobile phone OS such as Android or IOS where we will receive regular updates. These group of developing team will continuously monitor the changes on the system especially related to the Internet and develop security patches to keep the CMS secured. They will release the updates or patches regularly like anti-virus which we will then help our customers to update their websites.

2. Hackers, Viruses and Malwares

We all know what hackers, viruses and malwares mean in the Internet world. No one wants their websites or emails to be part of these 3 terms. However, they are unavoidable when we first connected to the Internet. What we can do is to always keep the site up to date with security patches like anti-virus and also doing clean up on the websites. With the maintenance responsibility given to us, we will continuously monitor our customers' websites and remove any unnecessary files or folders injected into the server.

3. Resolving Server Issues

With maintenance services, we will help our customers' to communicate with the server company whenever there are issues arose from the server. Issues such as server connection problems, website inaccessible, emails errors, etc. We will assist our customers in solving all such problems within the shortest time possible. Besides, we will also communicate with the server team for updates whenever there are newly released server software such as PHP latest version, latest database, etc.

4. Website Content Update

There will be no further cost involved to update the content on the websites for our existing customers who pay us annual maintenance fees. The website updates will include updating company profile, photos, creating new products, uploading videos, etc. These will be included in our annual maintenance fees. We always believe in keeping our customers' websites up to date with information which is good for ranking purposes as well.

5. Keeping Website Proper

We treat our customers' websites like our own. As we are the one who develops our customers' websites, we will take good care of them. Any minor issues such as alignment, layouts, slides, etc. will be adjusted to provide better experiences to our customers and their visitors. Since a website is responsive these days, we will continuously monitor our customers' websites from different devices making sure they have the best viewing experience.

Of course, there are definitely more reasons to have a proper website maintenance, what we listed above are what we believe to be the more important ones. By having an annual maintenance, our customers can save their money and time maintaining their websites without sacrificing their focus on their own businesses. For such good management of the website, we trust that our customers have a better understanding of what annual website maintenance cover and how it benefits them rather than costing them large amount of money.


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